The Crazy Life of Kid From Brooklyn

This biography, hysterically at times is about Bill’s life well lived life, from my prankster days growing up in Brooklyn with my best friend Louie, who always got me into trouble to the present where sadly he lost his oldest, beloved son to Cancer. Some of my high school exploits would not go over well in today’s world.  After being graduated with a BS in Finance Bill spends an interesting year working for his wife’s wholesale shoe company.

Gulloti Insurance Agency

Gullotti Insurance Agency strives to be your trusted insurance adviser. Our company philosophy is built on offering full-service solutions for our clients, and providing unparalleled attention to detail from start to finish. If you are looking for personal insurance or operate a business that has complex needs, our team of experts will help advise you on making the right decisions.

American Needle Guard

American NEEDLE GUARD™  is designed to guide a needle into the sheath so it is completely sealed protecting the operator’s fingers, thus eliminating the possibility of needle sticks. The unique octagon shape prevents movement during recapping and possible shifting on a tray or table.  American NEEDLE GUARD™ helps satisfy OSHA guidelines by allowing a safe and easy method of recapping a contaminated needle. It is also autoclavable.

Whycare Health Solutions

WhyCare was built on the foundation of helping people feel their best. mission is to provide customized home healthcare services within Houston, and the surrounding areas. By partnering with top healthcare professionals, we will provide compassionate care to each patient every time.  WhyCare’s primary vision is to see the quality of patient care improve in the aspect of comfort; especially in his/her home, nursing home, assisted living, or hospice center.

Unity in the Community

The UNITY in the Community is a non-profit organization which is established to bring the people of Pompano area closer. They produce different events time by time that brings the residents of Pompano Beach together to experience Unity. Their main mission is to raise funds for academic scholarships to enable students to attend college, university or vocational schools.

Marquesa Funding Corporation

At Marquesa Funding, we specialize in securing commercial real estate financing for all commercial property types. We also offer Full Documentation, Stated Income, and No Documentation Verified loans as well as private, bridge and hard money financing. Marquesa Funding also has expertise in non-real estate business loans and unsecured business lines of credit. Our commitments offer nationwide financing with flexibility, long-term amortization’s, and fast closing times.

Versatile Languages

Versatile Languages is one of the largest certified translation agency in United States, providing quality translation services. They provide professional document translation services online, over the phone. Their scope is not limited to one field, they provide certified document translation services to all fields of businesses such as medical, legal, education, immigration, real estate and personal matters.

Sitter World

SittersWorld’s mission is to hire caring and exceptional providers. Have peace of mind knowing that children are in good hands. SittersWorld provides Nannies, Babysitters, Back-up childcare, Event Sitters, and House/Pet Sitters at home placement. They are serving families in the greater Houston and surrounding areas.

KinTueFee- Author and Speaker

Kin’s interest in the field of personal and professional management and development goes back about thirty years. In the pursuit of his self-enhancement, he has attended numerous conferences, seminars and workshops on management and leadership topics.